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Our story

It all started when our designer, Muriel, first made necklaces for her two Sri Lankan godchildren, Lola and Tibo with the eponymous names.

She has since thrown herself body and soul into this activity, creating necklaces and more recently bracelets in silk and buffalo horn, a natural material that fascinates her.

In 2015, Muriel founded the company Lola&Tibo in Lausanne, Switzerland. From collection to collection, the Lola&Tibo brand has become an important part of her life.


Muriel, Founder of L&T


Lola and Tibo are now 7 and 9 years old and are doing very well in school in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Tibo and Lola, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Water buffalo horn

Water buffaloes are extremely important in the Vietnamese culture. They are valued, honored and respected, often treated as members of the family.

Thousands of water buffalos are used for tilling the rice fields all across the country. After they die naturally, the buffalo horn is skilfully carved by artisans from traditional craft villages in the north of Vietnam. For over 400 years, this art has been passed on from father to son.

At Lola&Tibo, we are passionate about designing buffalo horn jewelry and accessories, and we work hand in hand with artisans in Vietnam.

Furthermore, buffalo horn has the advantage of being an entirely natural, ecological, biological, non-toxic, recyclable and renewable material.